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The humble beginnings of the epic ChrusherComix!

Chris' Crusher Comics - also known as ChrusherComix for short - began in September 1988 when fourteen year old Chris Stevens doodled a sketchbook with a storyline to amuse himself and friends at school. It was boredom, youthful creativity, a desire to impress/amuse his friends with his cartooning abilities he had since a young boy, and a love for animated cartoons (such as Transformers and G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero from the mid-'80s), comic books (back then, a lot of Spider-Man, X-Men, Punisher, and G.I. Joe from the late-'80s - where artists such as Todd McFarlane, Jim Lee, Art Adams and Marc Silvestri along with writers such as Larry Hama, Chris Claremont and Peter David all deeply inspired and influenced him), and comic strips (most notably, Bill Watterson's Calvin and Hobbes) all combined birthed this. Basically, it was for fun and not very serious, but with each page it grew in popularity.

In 2004-05, while also working on his 1st published book (Tee & Wee - Health & Nutrition for Young Earthlings, co-created with and written by Robert Buchanan), I with putting all of my hundreds and hundreds of comics online, including my golden oldies. Problem was, although the later ones were well-drawn and had several different developing plotlines and epic story arcs, the early ones had poor art and somewhat plotless character-driven comedic violence set in a high school setting. Most people never got by these initial pages!

The 1st page (from 9/??/1988) was funny, but it kind of sucked. It never was and still isn't a very good way to start off an epic, twenty-plus year comic book. Here it is:

 photo 1988-09-01a.jpg


In 2005-05, I tinkered with remastering these shattily-drawn opening comics. Here is my 1st attempt, somewhat more eye-catching, yet also more garish than the original!

 photo 1988-09-01b.jpg

And yes, I WAS WRITING IN THE THIRD PERSON! MWHAHAHAH! I do that a lot here describing my own work!

Regardless, most people tend to have attention spans of houseflies on crack. I beg of you, please do not do what 98.9% of most people do... do not turn away, but rather explore these massive comic archives! It eventually turns from this to the professionally produced graphic novel you see starting in the 2000's. If you give it a shot, you will laugh at the funny ones and be impressed by the thrilling ones. It's... what I do. Enjoy!

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