The Arrival of the Lunaticials | RaYzor's Edge #2 (Classic ChrusherComix 1997)

IChrusher-19980320-Lunaticials-emergen the wake of the continuing rivalry between Chrusher's friends Keith "Slasher" Clarkson and Ray "RaYzor" Cadildo coming to a head of an ugly confrontation, a padded short bus crashes on a nearby countryside road. What emerges from the bus forever changes the history of the ChrusherComix Universe... and it is unlike anything you have ever read. If you read it, that is.

Originally written and illustrated in 1997-98, but only colored & web-published in 2013-14! Join us... for The Arrival of the Lunaticials! ...NOW UPLOADED!

© 1997-98 Christopher Galletta Stevens

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