RaYzor’s Edge comics #1 (1997)

After the tragedy of “The Dark Conquerors vs.” and “Meet The Welphys” – long-time friend of ChrusherComix creator/author/artist Christopher Galletta StevensRaYzor Castaldo attempts to take over the comics again for the first time since 1989 with “RaYzor C.’s Hitman Comics”. Chris enjoyes when other people assist in the ChrusherComix universe, and Ray’s efforts are usually made canon and built upon. Such is the case here. Ray’s comic leads us on a dark path… a path that takes us to a whole new world of insanity… a band of merry creatures called…. The Lunaticials.


RaYzor Comics are a subdivision of ChrusherComix. Some say they are funny. Some say they suck @$$. YOU decide!

© Illustrated by RaYzor Castaldo & Christopher Galletta Stevens (1997), Colored & Web-published (2006)

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