Chrono-Episode #39: Remastered 20th Anniversary Cover to one of the most senselessly violent issues in the comic's violent history!

Chrusher Comix Universe Chrono-Episode #39 - "The Arrival of the Dark Conquerors" (10-Minute Quickie-Comic Series #1):
Darkness surrounds The Conquerors. Chrusher, Mush, RaYzor, Cow, and Ricktor have become twisted vigilantes, far from the goodie-two-shoes justice-seekers they had been for years. Chrusher has been slowly refining his mysterious and latent telekinetic powers, but seeing "goodness" steadily leaving the normal populace, he has turned from the way of peace and forgiveness that his eccentric, yet God-fearing mother Mare would prefer. Instead, he and his brethren have turned vengeful on those who have wronged them. This starts at the local speedway where arrogant, mildly retarded red-necks with too much disposable income and random Welforce agents stumble upon painful interludes. Beat-downs, pain, hospitalizations, and laughter will ensue. Drawn as a goof with a beer buzz in 10 minutes or less. Not my best art nor story, but chock-full of sadistic violence. And wait... what?! NO! Danny Boyce's complete and utter victory?! How is this possible?!


Dark Conquerors #2 cover: Danny B... triumphant?!

The Dark Conquerors #2: "Danny-Boy Triumphant?!"

Finishers Off The Roof!! Danny B The G f'n' rules! No plot, just profusely beating on people & throwing them off hospital roofs into a pile and then mocking them as their ruined bodies simply do not die. If you like that kind of stuff, then read it. If not, then skip it. (1996)

© 1996 - Written, illustrated, colored & by Christopher Galletta Stevens (for my little bro Matt and my good friends Ray, Scott and Dan).