Year Three: Khing Babah & The Renegade Hybrid Barbarian (1990-91)


Part I: Junior Year Begins & the Introduction of Khing Babah

In the midst of a powerful, armored and caped Crime Lord named "Khing Babah" terrorizing Chrusher, one of the most perplexing, odd, unique, dangerous, insane, sadistic, immoral - and hilarious characters in the ChrusherComix Universe emerges from the garbage - Steven "The Renegade Barbarian Bond" Howeird! Let the madness of Howeirdmania begin!

Part I: Junior Year Begins & the Introduction of Khing Babah

Chrusher and his fellow High School Vigilantes "The Conquerors" meet up with a much larger foe than the bad teachers, evil nerds and crazy misfits... a caped, armored crime lord named "King Babah", who lives in an odd castle in the middle of the somewhat obscure wooded swamps of Oswegonia, and connected with drug dealers and Satanist heavy metal music acts.

Part II: Dawn of the Hybrid Renegade Barbarian


Part II: Dawn of the Hybrid Renegade Barbarian

Wallowing in the dump after being humiliated after being bested by fellow rookies while trying out for the Conquerors, what little sanity Steven had has now been extinguished. He begins chanting in an undetermined (and possibly made up?) language, says he is the offspring of several nonsensical mixes of ethnicities (that would be difficult, if not near-impossible, to be), wears nothing but a loincloth of some sort of jackal, hyena or large wild cat, wields a giant axe, has assorted bugs and parasites living on his helmet-head hair, does not wash nor groom himself, has a perverse worship of feces, and most bizarre of all... his sexuality takes an extremely curious freedom from boundaries - with woman, man, and animal all seemingly fair game to his rampaging hormone-driven rage! Oh, and did I forget to mention that he wants to kill Chrusher? Yeah, well now I did mention it.


Part III: Fort Crusher = DESTROYED! (1990-91)

Part III: Fort Crusher = DESTROYED!

The small, yet formerly indomitable Fort Crusher, headquarters for the Mighty Conqueror group, has been destroyed in the rampage of Barbarian Howeird. Clues lead Chrusher to Anil Inc., and it's head... King Babah! Meanwhile, Masuto continues his search in American for a lost master to teach him one of the lost arts... The Buffalo!


Part IV: Battle of the Bloodsword | Crusher Comics: Year Three Finale

1991-05-01- Crusher-Comics-Year-Three-Issue-4

Battle of the Bloodsword (1991)

What the fuck has the 16-year-old Chrusher and his high school buds gotten themselves into? They go directly in a head-on attack of a secret castle dwelling a large, armored, sword-wielding crime lord?! Oh, and he has a ninja clan to boot. A kinda' wimpy, Saturday-morning jobber one, but one nonetheless. I mean, are you kidding me? This cannot end well. These boys are WAY over their heads. Battle of the Bloodsword wraps up Year Three of ChrusherComix. And not all will survive. Promise.

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