The Wrath Of The Rake (Original Cover) | The Mighty Crusher Comics (1989)


Wrath of the Rake (1989)
25th Anniversary cover (2014).

The entire first season of The Might Crusher Comics has built up to this giant-sized finale “Annual”: The Conquerors and Welforce join forces for the giant showdown with The Grim Raker, Cow Gagnoni and Obliterator – AKA The Rake Hectors, and their new recruits, the Hot Waxy Candle Hordes!

This jumbo-sized issue was illustrated between January 1989 and possibly June 1990 (I drew it between other issues). Therefore, it is startling to see the changes in art style and quality as the issue chugged a long, particularly the first half of the book from its final 10 or so pages.

© 1989-90 Christopher Galletta Stevens